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Experience how easy payments can be

Partner with us and experience how easy payments can be.

Torgeir Sandnes
Sales Manager Europe
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Chief Marketing Officer Europe
Are you an ISV, ISO or Sunmi distributor and want to use Tidypay POS or payment gateway?
Tidypay is now looking for SUNMI Technology partners in Europe! Contact us below.

What is Tidypay payment gateway?

Tidypay gateway is easy for ISV´s to integrate their app with our payment app. Tidypay payment gateway is possible to use as a stand-alone payment terminal on a Sunmi P2 Pro and P2 Lite terminal. The credit card transaction app is easy to use together with an epos system on the Sunmi P2 Pro and P2 Lite as a all in one payment solution. 

Tidypay payment gateway gives you the freedom to charge in several countries as a European payment solution. Tidypay can offer ISV´s good competitive rates in all 32 countries in Europe Tidypay is approved.


Why choose Tidypay Payment Gateway

Tidypay Payment Gateway combined with instore and e-commerce payments offers a unique and innovative way to integrate payments. A straightforward and easy solution to deploy commerce anywhere, anytime. Are you an ISV, ISO or Sunmi distriibutor, then Tidypay is perfect for you.


Secure and safe online payment with 3D secure 2.1 and hosted payment pages


Fully integrated with a single point of integration


Flexible solution with numerous integration options


The perfect omnichannel opportunity for cross border growth


Card present transactions through stand alone, semi-integrated or fully integrated terminals


Designed to scale

Certified payment solution in 32 countries

UK • Finland • France • Ireland • Norway • Denmark • Sweden • Austria • Belgium • Bulgaria • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Estonia • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • Israel • Italy • Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malta • Poland • Portugal • Slovenia • Spania • Switzerland • The Netherlands • Turkey

Payment methods

Tidypay supports omni channel payments, including magnetic stripe card, IC card, NFC payment.

Integrate your POS with Tidypay gateway on a Sunmi Tech device.

SUNMI provides a full range of intelligent hardware solutions based on Android’s operating system for commercial applications. The company globally leads the innovation of intelligent hardware for business.

Sunmi Tech P2 PRO

Android 7.1
Quad-core 1.4Hz CPU
Pass 1M Drop Test
1D Barcode Scanner
NFC Payment
Memory: 2GB + 16 GB ROM (optional) 
Thermal printer 


Sunmi Tech P2 LITE

Android 7.1
Qualcomm 8917 ARM Cortex-A53
Quad-core 1.4GHz CPU
Pass 1M Drop Test
1D Barcode Scanner
NFC Payment
Memory: 2GB + 16 GB ROM (optional) 
QR-code payment

Easy Android Integration

Our Tidypay integration fits any segment. It’s a unique way of reaching customers cross-border, with super easy integration. With your own Android application you simply add our PSP-solution on the device.

Leader in payment processing

Elavon is the innovative, secure, and global partner for your payment processing needs, whether you do business online, mobile, or in-person. For more than 25 years, Elavon has been a leader in payment processing, leveraging the world’s best technologies for their partners from large worldwide enterprises, to locally owned small businesses.

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