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Tidypay exists to make payments easy. The solution works on top of your existing accounting system. TidypayGO software ensures that payments using Vipps, mobile and card payments automatically will be posted in your accounting system. This solution perfectly fits small businesses, teams, take-away, restaurants, cafés, organizations, and vendors alike. 

All-in-one Cash Register

Tidypay Pro Card

Tidypay Pro Card makes all payments easy. Tidypay Pro Card is a cash register system, bank terminal and receipt printer in an all-in-one payment system. Tidypay offers the customer several payment options, and posts automatically to your accounts. Make your workday more efficient and seamless with Tidypay.


You can easily locate existing orders or create a new one in the checkout system on-the-fly


You can receive card payments from Visa, Mastercard and accept payments via Vipps, partial payment and invoice


Once you have received a payment, transaction is automatically updated in your accounts

Partner with us and experience how easy payments can be.

Why choose Tidypay


Tidypay provides automatic posting of payments in your accounting system. Manual posting is an act of the past and frees up time and makes your business more efficient


Tidypay is an approved cash register system that supports Vipps, card payments and partial payments


Tidypay ensures simplicity when contactless payment is used, and transfers money instantly to your business’ account


Tidypay cash register system and Tidypay payment terminal both fulfill the requirements of the Accounting Act

Our customers

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